It's really too bad I don't have a couple thousand dollars lying around to get a new summer wardrobe. More specifically, I suppose, I've been day dreaming about one that would be appropriate to take along on our trip to Curacao... If I did (sigh), I'd probably start at Need Supply and work my way out from there....


Tara said...

i need these things too!

Rachel Swan said...

BAH! I'm in love with those shoes! and that stripey little number? perfect!

Things are going well, my friend. Yoga certification is amazing, I have an awesome teacher and the students in my class are so great. I highly recommend doing a the teacher training, even if you never plan on teaching, the course work completely changes your practice and life.

As for blogging again? I don't know. Some days I am super inspired to blog, other days I'm glad I don't have another thing(obligation) on my plate. I miss it though, especially sharing and being part of this community.

Also, I LOVE that you quit Facebook. I actually laughed out loud when you wrote about the Isagenix posts...hilarious.

I love your blog, lady! xoxoxo