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Persuasion - Jane Austen

I know many that would argue Persuasion to be the finest of all Jane Austen novels. I really liked Persuasion and, in fact, find Anne Elliot to be my favorite Austen character thus far in my reading of her catalog. I truly admire Austen's command of correct language usage and mechanics (true craftsmanship) and the force with which she propels her stories (much less passive than I feel it is most commonly portrayed). However, I'm just not a huge Austen fan. I can't get really into it (I know, it's blasphemy) but I'm not "the a girl who spends most of her free time home alone with cats and a pint of ice cream comparing and contrasting various Austen [film] adaptations." Although, I enjoyed Persuasion as a quick read (and enjoyed it much more than P&P) I've just never been able to connect with the material in a very meaningful or moving way.

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Ann-Michelle said...

I'm totally a lover of Austen films. Oh yes. But no cats, and generally no ice cream, just kids. I did love the new adaption of P&P, my favorite part being how dirty everything was. I imagine that is much more true to how it really was, rather than everything crisp and clean. I have only seen the BBC version once, so I can't call myself a purist, and therefore the new version didn't bother me one bit.

Not that you care, since you don't even like her. *sigh* Now to actually read a bit.