I've made a goal to get my haircut before the show this weekend. I had decided to myself that I would just worry about getting the ends trimmed now and decide about style later... until this morning's ease-into-work-browsing-session when I spotted this gorgeous girls short coiffe that is playful, sophisticated, mellow, versatile--perfect? Should I find a stylist I'm comfortable with first? (Is that a stupid question?) Am I jumping ahead too far? Will a simple trim and a little shaping/texture do the trick?

Now that I've put a deadline on this I feel all kinds of pressure to make decisions quickly...

I'm in my post-grad funk. It's not that I'm inept, but I choose not to do the full beauty routine for everyday affairs (I haven't owned a hair straightener or hairspray in a few years). I recognize that this is a personal problem, and, that I'm dragging the emotional baggage from my uncertainty of the future and what I want to do with my life (no biggie) into my hairstyle/wardrobe choices.

It may be my lack of gal pals and/or hairstylist friends (I miss you Amy, Cam, Dallin & Danine!) to help me through these decisions. Come to think of it, I've always relied heavily on the fact that I had a good hairdresser, rather than a good sense of style. I'm the person who sits in the chair and say "do whatever you want, something fun" and it generally works out. 

So you can imagine the difficulty of trying to decide on a sense of style in such a mental state. Any help? Any frail piece of advice for me? I'm easy, I just need a nudge... I'm basically trying to represent all that I'm going to become in the future with a kick ass haircut--no biggie ;-)


Rachel Swan said...

Do it! I'm picturing you with with this style now and it's awesome :)

I'm starting to peek out of my postpartum fog and realizing that I have nothing to wear, and I have no idea what I even want to wear or what looks good on me. Blah.

Luckily, I have an awesome hairstylist so my hair usually looks great, but I'm trying to grow it out and it's at that annoying place right at my shoulder. Needless to say, I've been rocking a Jennifer Aniston circa 1994. Double blah.

E said...

:) So happy I got a comment on this post, it may have turned into an existential crisis otherwise...

ugh, the weird shoulder place is the worst! And the part of your hair that flips out (despite any amount of effort) gets all tucked into the neck of your shirt... just sayin, I feel you on that one.

Will you come back into blog land, or at least email me when you find clothing for curvaceous, young (not everyone with boobs is 45), darling girls such as ourselves? I would be much obliged.

Rachel Swan said...

Check out this girl! She's not super curvy, but she has a normal, beautiful body and the outfits she puts together are seriously kickin'


I'll do a post soon about my new "uniform" that I think works well for curvy bodies, mostly just loose scoop neck t-shirts that are super soft with a bunch of long chains and skinny boyfriend jeans...a little boring, but I'm trying to convince myself it's bohemian :)