Curaçao Friday

Friday we went to Williemstad, the capitol city. First we hit the floating Farmer's Market where we picked up fresh Venezuelan food to take back to our mini-fridge and avoid $100+ meals at the lodge. A great idea on Darling's part, a bad idea for the first stop as we ended up lugging 5lbs of groceries around with us for the remainder of the day, and, our papaya spoiled.
Curaçao is known for making textiles. We saw all kinds of designer fabrics/prints for both home and clothing lines for ridiculously low prices. I bought some really great colorful cotton prints and a bold patterned silk charmeuse for under $8/yd. Amazing.
The heat totally kicked our asses this day and we found ourselves ducking into any and every shop we passed that offered even a hint of air conditioning/fan action. (This is the day we overcompensated for not taking many photos during the rest of the trip.)

The view of Playa Kalki from the restaurant. The Carribbean Sea is stunning, visibility is fantastic.
Historic Dutch Colonial architecture in Caribbean colors is the signature of Willemstad.
I don't think I told you about these yet. I got major f*****g mosquito bites our first day on the island. Over the course of the trip the total count was over 20. If you hang outside with me, you will never get a bite! Bugs love my skin too much. You cannot even begin to imagine the itching, which I was diligent in not doing, and these bites bruised anyway. Bruised. From mosquito bites. So unreal. At the time of this writing, I still have markings on my legs nearly 2 weeks from the date bitten. 
The melons on their own tug!
Farm boats from Venezuela
Muy Delicioso! Okay, I need to get back into Spanish... "Que tipo?"
A stray pup was looking for relief form the heat as well.
World Cup everywhere. All the time. Go Holland! If I never hear the buzz of those blasted horns again I will be satisfied!
The famous Queen Emma Pontoon bridge swings open and closes again all day long for boats of all sizes. 
The "vacay" shot
Darling paid some man 10 guilders to take a picture with his snake with our own camera. I thought it was nuts.
He just loves snakes. Look at how happy he is.

The rest are shots from the car.

As we left town, we hit another market for groceries. Groceries were the best idea as breakfast, lunch, and drinks were taken care of for the remainder of our time on the island. It worked out exceptionally well with our schedule. Later that night we went to Sol Food which, if you are ever in Curaçao you must head to Westpunt to eat/hang here. Sunshine, the owner, opens her home patio Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 12-9 and functions as a restaurant. Really wonderful food, really nice people. Sunshine is an amazing host and will come to your table to talk diving (her home is a big diver's hang out) and the West end of the island with you. She'll feed you delicious homemade caramels and give you a copy of her infamous notes letting you in on all the best parts of "her end of the island, " which, in truth feels like a completely different place than the East end. Friday-Sunday we found ourselves at Sol Food like clockwork.

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Soph! said...

Ahh! Your pics are so beautiful! Curacao is where all of my Dutch friends go on vacation and they always come back with the best tans and amazing stories :)