Curaçao Saturday/Sunday/Monday

The rest of the trip:

Darling and I had been discussing how we'd like to spend the remainder of our trip. We tend to let this (what we do) be an organic process rather than planning beforehand. (Who are we to know what we'd like to do in a place that neither of us has been to or know much about?!) After our discovery dive Wednesday, we were told by the OEW dive shop, that, should we choose to move forward and earn our Open Water Certification, they would credit our first dive toward the certification. After ho-humming for a night we decided we both would really love to go for it, even if it meant focusing the rest of our money and time on diving exclusively. So, needless to say, Darling and I, officially, are now open water divers! The silly thing about our doing this is that throughout the entire trip we did not once lay on the beach!! Spending so much time underwater was absolutely worth the trade. From 8-12 every morning we found ourselves in a classroom, watching these amazing  early 90s videos ("diiive through the wataaa") and taking quizzes/final exam. In the afternoons we found ourselves in a shallows off the dock working on our confined water skills (flooding the mask, taking on and off the equipment, swimming exercises, buoyancy, compass work etc. etc.) and ending each day with an approx. 45 minute dive around 60ft. In total we logged 4 shore dives and 1 boat dive.

Don't be surprised if you see a lot more about diving around here in the future. Darling and I both took to diving very quickly and were on just about the same level throughout the course. We both fell in love with the underwater world and were enamored with incredible fishes, sponges, coral, eels. Most notably on our last dive, an eagle ray (less spotted than the picture shown) which was stunning.
 and a lion fish
Which, although incredible, has been unrightfully placed in the Caribbean Sea by aquariums. The lion fish is not native to the waters (native to seas in the Asian continent) and has no predators. They consequently, are destroying much of the fish and coral life.

We've got our dive logs started, notes about some of the more unusual or memorable animal sightings and I've got small plans to start a dive sketch journal. Maybe colored pencils and watercolors. A sort of reflection journal for Darling and I to catalog our journeys.

Diving is the most incredible experience. Some of it has to do with breathing nitrogen 60' below sea level, I'm sure, but it is remarkably meditative and peaceful, unlike anything else I've done. Time disappears, gravity disappears. There's a point in the water where you cannot see the surface nor floor. Blue. Sometimes vertigo inducing, but I'm telling you. I now have some wonderful visual material for yoga cool-down meditation. Blue. I looked over to see darling doing these funny torpedo spins, just because he could. Like astronauts, amazing. PADI certified, Sissy and Darling. We're already excited to plan our next adventure. Thailand, Vietnam, Belize, Florida ....

So, we don't have many photos from here on out. I already recounted to you the 18 hours traveling home... here's the end of  CuraƧao. I'd really love to go back. Hopefully one day, so many new destinations just became incredibly appealing...

 Our gear. Can you believe I know how to put all of this together and how to use it?
 The only time I'll post a picture in a bathing suit online. It's the closest thing I've got to me in my gear.
I told you, no laying on the beach + I made sure we were religious about 85SPF. Yes Darling, I am saying we are pale.

Voila! There you have it. And it's back to the grind... for now. Darling keeps telling me we should "get out of the rat race while we're still mobile/flexible." More adventures to come, absolutely. Thank you Darling, for a great time, for being an amazing travel companion, for putting up with me, for paying for shit, for being a hard worker, for pushing me beyond my limits, for bringing so many incredible experiences to me. I love you. Burblecut. There, I said it. In front of everyone, that's how much I love you. Now please, "Peetie repeat: I will never speak of it again."


e-sos said...

Sounds like you guys had a fantastic time! I'm so glad you had a great vacation. What's in store for the rest of the summer? Stay well! Let's catch up soon,

Soph! said...

congrats! I've always wanted to go diving or at least snorkeling, but I can't swim :( I hope you scan and post pics of some of your journal entries!