Curaçao Thursday


Thursday is really where our vacay took a turning point. We found that the dive shop just off of the lodge (Ocean Encounters West -- We love this place) offered a "Discovery Dive" for non-certified divers. The reef just off of the dock, Playa Kalki, is known as Alice in Wonderland. We went through the basics of Scuba with our instructor Connor: the gear, some essential confined water skills, and went for a 42 minute dive at 12 meters, or, 40 feet. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take photos scuba diving until after you have completed a course in underwater photography (at least not with PADI). It makes sense as there are so many other things to worry about rather than getting a great shot. I'm also of the persuasion to enjoy doing what your doing rather than taking out a camera to document what you're doing as your focus completely shifts. My first dive is no time to be worried about photos, there's too much I want to see and experience.

When searching google images, this is the best representation of the reef I could find. A giant cascading wall of corals, fishes, sponges, creatures. On this dive we saw lots of gorgeous fishes, some small eels, a seaslug, and were generally enamored by anything we saw moving. I suppose it's time to mention that I had never swam in the ocean before Wednesday's snorkeling trip (have been to the beach, had lunch at the beach, but never swimming). I had never snorkeled before either. So, going from my first ocean swim to my first dive in one day was a big magical adventure. Not to mention how clear the Carribbean Sea is. Visibility is generally more than 100', so amazing, stunning, breathtaking... But more to come with the diving...

After the dive we were starving and went to Jaanchies hoping to find some delicious local cuisine. 
We never did have any luck with Jaanchies.
A funny little hut near Jaanchies. It says "Jannchies Restaurant" on a sign behind that bush... it lies.
 Back to fancy dinner on the fancy ocean view terrace. This was our last fancy meal at the fancy Lodge diningroom.
What a view, eh?

We shared the whole snapper. 
It was delicious.

We slept so soundly this night.  


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Jessica C. said...

amazing! sounds like a perfect vacation; I'm glad you both had a great time :)