It's a Girl!

My friend B back in Salt Lake City is getting her second dog next week!! I feel like she's having a baby with all excitement and change about to take place.

Bernard (Bernie) is the sweetest, calmest Pomeranian I've ever met. I hope the adjustment period is easy and that the transition from one to two goes smoothly. 

(Bernie sporting his new cool summer cut.)

So, here's the kicker...

Meet Addie,

Can you stand it? I truly can't.

Confession: Sometimes when I'm bored at work I google pictures of baby French Bulldogs. For realsies.

I have trouble conjuring up the words to describe the swelling in my heart when I opened the photos. For the first time I feel as though I really understand the term "baby hungry." I want one. Sweet little wrinkly face. Oh my god. I die! die. B, I'm not sure if you've ever read my blog, if you do, 
Congratulations! You win. Keep in touch about your sweet baby girl!

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Ryan & Amanda said...

K I love your posts, they make me smile-all of them. And yes I think Alli may just change your mind about children-maybe not all children in general. :) She cracks me up ALL the time. And yesterday I wished I would have video taped her entire experience because she LOVED it, and her little face asking for the shoes-priceless! Hope you are doing well friend!