Who Wears Short Shorts?

Please, excuse me, I just don't have the patience to wait until tomorrow. I just stepped back into the office... post haircut. For realsies. The first haircut in Memphis, the first haircut in 7 months. Unfortunately no reveal in this post, Darling can't get bored and go looking at my blog and spoiling the big surprise this evening. I made sure to send him a picture of my ponytail though...

Let us go back to the model's haircut. The 3 different styling options persuaded me to believe that if only I had this haircut I (and my hair) would be transformed into this remarkable creature that is (as previously noted): playful, sophisticated, mellow, versatile--perfect?  You know, like, if I had this haircut I would go through a metamorphosis (similar to that of a monarch butterfly) and would be instantly cool. Not cool like "hip" but cool like breezy. Like suddenly I'd be so easy going, "cool as a cucumber," "effortless," those are the kinds of phrases-slash-adjectives that friends and strangers alike would use to describe me ("You know that Sissy Jupe girl? Man, she's just as cool as a cucumber."). I'd even start to wear breezy things. Clothing made of fine jersey, linen, cotton lawn... *poof* instantly, just like that. It'd become rather difficult for all of the people that cross paths with me to distinguish between myself and that adorable Kate Spade Model, or, a girl from an Anthropologie catalog, spotted on the Sartorialist or Garance Dore, something like that.

 Cutting off all my college hair, trying to develop a sense of style in a way that's personal, tailored, custom to me--as opposed to taking all my sister's hand-me-downs and wearing her old sense of style. Learning what looks good on me, on my body. No more crying in dressing rooms! No more bra shopping for 2 hours without results!  Confidence! That's what I need. Confidence (ahhh) breezy, cool, collected, beautiful confidence... *poof*

In reality, I feel like an excited me. It's exciting. I look very different. I don't know if the clarity that comes with a good haircut and/or a few martinis has brought me to a place of consilience where the trajectory of my life is suddenly a little less hazy--but I feel good. And free. Over 13 inches of my hair is gone. I have an 11 1/2" ponytail in a bag sitting on my desk next to me to mail in to Locks of Love.  Excuse the shitty pictures. I'm still using an awesome Samsung slider phone that is so old when I ran a google image search I couldn't find my model to show you how bad it is. I also didn't want to be that girl and have the stylist (Allison at PAVO Aveda salon--she's great) retake photos because I didn't like them... so here is the teaser, in all of its amateur glory!

When I arrived.  
This one is extra weird, excuse my lazy eye. Seriously, my left eye is lazy 
(like the Beck song Nicotine and Gravy.)

Locks of Love
The photo I sent darling. This baby is 11 1/2" flaccid!!

 Ready for the cut! Try me, *poof* right?
See look at it! You can only see the lazy eye in photos to take a good gander!


Ann-Michelle said...

I definitely do uncharacteristic things to my hair so that I will at least try to have a sense of style. I always go to Danine, then hop across to the gap and buy an unexpected shirt.

Soph! said...

that's a lot of hair! And i know this isn't the final product, but it's already looking good.

libby said...

cute! I did locks of love right after I got pregnant. BAD IDEA. puffy face with short hair=ugliest of uglies. just sayin'.

welundell said...

It is funny, I remember you mostly with short hair, but I'm curious to how exactly you cut it...please post pictures soon. loves!