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So, speaking of haircuts, I know of a few salons in Memphis that are donating their hair clippings to Matter of Trust. Matter of trust is an organization that assists in oil spill cleanup using donated human and animal hair clippings to make absorptive cleanup mats, or, "hair booms" made by stuffing the hair into nylon stockings (which, I'll admit, is a most unappetizing sight).

We shampoo because hair collects oil. Why should millions of pounds of absorbant, natural, renewable hair, fur, fleece clippings go to waste every day? 

After the mats/booms are no longer usable, they are composted with the aid of a little sun, worms, and green clippings. After two years, the compost is resold by the org as awesome fertilizer. Very cool.  

Matter of Trust is currently involved in aiding the BP disaster in the Gulf. You can click on any of these links to their website for more information/details and photos.

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