Opening Night

Hooray for shitty cell phone pictures!! Today seems to be the day!

Look it! Look what Darling sent to my office as a good luck token for the opening night of my show tonight!! Hmm I should really try to get a better snapshot. It's really a giant bouquet of these amazing coral colored roses. I'll probably nix the bow when I get home but I can't wait to have them to stare and oogle at back at the house! ( Also, welcome to a small corner of my desk! That brown bag, that's where all my hair lives for now.) I was typing along and suddenly, in the background heard, "Hey E, there's an...er...um, package for you at the front desk..." and BAM gorgeous flora, just like that, just for me. *poof*

So. Easy-breezy Sissy Jupe, with that new haircut and new attitude, she's the girl who get's flowers delivered to work, no biggie ;) Good things my friends, good things. 

Oh! And, it is opening night for eMPHasis on Blue! The Project:Motion show runs tonight-Sunday, and again next weekend Friday-Sunday. Fridays and Saturdays 8PM, Sundays 2PM. All occurrences of this event are taking place at the Evergreen Theatre (formerly, Circuit Playhouse) at Belvedere and Poplar. Parking is on the street and at the tire shop. Visit www.projectmotiondance.org for more details and ticket information. 

Hope to see you there!

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Laurel said...

I need to see your cute new hair cut! My hair is so long. Longest it has ever been. I think you've inspired me to cut it off. Miss you!