Packing List

The last time I swam in the ocean I was still wearing diapers. I've had picnics at the beach and dipped my toes in the water, but I have never had a beach vacay. I'm trying to make a tentative packing list for our trip to Curacao, and, it may be the most fun I've had making a to-do list (e.g. "buy sun hat," "new sandals"). The show is in it's final run this weekend and all free time slips like sand between my fingers. 

I'm trying to be prepared, to set a game plan so that I may be extra productive this weekend before we fly out on Tuesday. Here is what I have so far... any suggestions or recommendations?? 

1. Crochet Bucket Hat Fair-skinned freckled broads (such as myself) need as much protection from the harsh sun as possible! After trying on multiple sombreros (movie star hats) and fedoras, I decided I like this little number best with my short hair.

2. Light Weight Tanks - So easy and comfortable. 

3. Swimming Suit - 2Bamboo makes suits with actual bra sizes (including DD +) and underwire! Full coverage without looking matronly. I've been thinking of buying the top in black as well (I own the coral pictured), and, from there, I'd do a mix & match with inexpensive bottoms for new looks.

4. A Good Book - Duh. Any travel or summer reading recommendations? I was thinking maybe Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury... what's on your summer reading list?

5. French Pet Lobster Tote - It's beachy and adorable. Easy to sling over the shoulder. I love this tote, a gift from my sister, for my birthday.

6. Knit Dresses - My summer/travel staple. Unbelievably comfortable, easy and small to pack, versatile... I just bought this dress in blue. How many dresses does one need for one week?

7. Neutrogena Dry Touch SPF 85  - Sunscreen is probably #1 for this trip. I love Neutrogena Dry Touch formula, it's so light (not greasy) and dries quickly. It also doesn't smell like sunscreen. I use it in place of facial moisturizer for most of the year.

8. Surf Spray - Makes hair turn into those perfect, textured, loose, beachy waves and I love it with long and short hair.

9. Colorful Headbands - Yes, please. Flowers or feathers or sparkles, always simple, sometimes bright. I think I'll rock a lot more headbands with my short locks. 

10. US Passport - Most importantly (maybe even more so than sunscreen)

Okay, what am I missing? Sandals, Sunglasses, ....


Rachel Swan said...

I could kiss you for posting a bathing suit for big boobs! I am going to California for a week and I find it absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to find any bathing suit that covers/supports me!

I just bought the bumble surf spray and love it, and Dandelion Wine is my favorite book - are we soul twins this week or what?!?

E said...

trust me, this entire trip was contingent on whether or not I could find a swimming suit. I wouldn't even entertain buying plane tickets unless I found a suit first... Online it says Dillards carries 2Bamboo but I bought mine in a huge bathing suit store in Hotlanta where girls have figures.

I've thought more than once what a damn shame you and I haven't had more connection time now that we're past teen weirdness and are coming into something shaped a bit more like the adults we'll one day be... I think you're fantastic dear.

MaryPosa said...

You can NEVER go wrong with Ray Bradbury. :)