Et Voila!
I got my Halle Berry did, or, is it more of a Rihanna? 
Either way, I am absolutely naked!

 I cried a little bit Monday night. It had been a long, very long week. A week of little sleep, of hot late nights, of little appetite and eating strange foods when I had a chance to eat, of stress about the show... I do see now, just 3 days in retrospect, that I was obviously feeling a little tense.. just a smidge, no? They were not tears of sadness, but tears of shock I suppose. I got upset with Darling for not making as big of a deal about it as I needed, but I'm feeling good now. The first wash (gasp) is over with. True to fashion, I used entirely too much shampoo, I still find myself grabbing hair elastics and sticking them round my wrist but other than a few quirks I'm digging the 'do. It's such a joy to dance with short hair again!  

So there you have it.
*Poof* remember? 


libby said...

I LOVE it!!! oohhh, I'm a little tempted... :)

E said...

ah, thanks Libby! I'm still in a phase where I need reassurance so I'm happy to hear you like it.

Steph said...

great great hairdo. And as always, love reading your blog.

Soph! said...

LOVE IT! Frames your face perfectly

Logan said...

I LOVE IT. This is how I remember my Emmy! Loved you with long hair, but it always kind of shocked me when I'd see pictures of you with the flowing, wavy locks. :) You truly can pull off any style. Jealous!

Rachel Swan said...

You look so beautiful! What a great cut. I hope the shock wears off soon and you feel a little more confident as you rock your new 'do!