Where's Waldo

Remember the last (for lack of a better word, and, to date myself as part of the NES generation) level of Where's Waldo, where everyone is dressed like Waldo?

Great! Now, let's play a game!
Can you spot me among the teen idols?

One of the Jonas brothers/Zac Efron

Justin Bieber

Ed Westwick

Chance Crawford

Aaron Carter

My realization began while I was driving, headed west on Union Ave (you know, right where Poplar turns off to Union..) and saw a giant Justin Bieber billboard (I just learned, maybe yesterday, who Justin Bieber is). I paused for a moment and thought to myself, "You know, I think that boy and I have the same haircut, same swoopy bangs." From that point, I google image searched "teen idols" and ended up on People Magazine's website and it rapidly became all too clear... I just got the teen heartthrob haircut. 

After analysis I decided my hair most resembles Zac Efron's which I feel comfortable with. He's got pretty hair, don't you think?

I promise. This is the last time I talk about it. I still like it, I do. I'm still getting used to it, it's a big fat change.


Ryan & Amanda said...

You just made me laugh, that is too funny. I must say I think you sport it much better than any of them do!!!

Steph said...

this. is. hilarious