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Book 22

Slaughterhouse Five - Kurt Vonnegut

This was my first Vonnegut novel. I know many die-hard Kurt Vonnegut fans, and, I had been a little reluctant to read his novels (although, in my head I've always assumed I would read a few at some point) as they've always seemed (to me) as though they could be grouped in the pop culture, post modern fan club. You know, like, it probably sells at Urban Outfitters next to Chuck Klosterman, Nick Hornby, and Dave Eggars books. They probably have a copy of The Bell Jar, a quirky owl statue, and a Led Zeppelin album on vinyl to complete the table vignette. 

This all goes without saying that I've actually read a Chuck Klosterman book, Darling and I own a copy of The Bell Jar, small statuary of some kind (although no owls) can be seen displayed in the house, and we have tickets to see Robert Plant in a few weeks...

I really liked Slaughterhouse Five. Surprisingly liked it. I wolfed it down in about 2 days. I feel that, if he [Vonnegut] is indeed a part of the sub-pop-post-modern hip crowd he's the stand-out. Very stylistic, I love the sci-fi twist, I love Billy Pilgrim and all of the characters, in fact, feel full and complete. Although everyone aside from Billy plays a fairly small role, all are well developed through their manners, speech, nuances, etc... So enjoyable and quick that I highly recommend it for anyone on the summer reading train (I've seen posts of either groups or individuals doing different book challenges). 

I suppose after the recommendation I should mention (if you're unaware, as I was) that it is a book about war, and a lot of people die. So it goes.


Ann-Michelle said...

wut chu sayin bout Dave Eggars?

MaryPosa said...

This was on my summer reading list as well and I completely adored it. The thing that really got me was the way the Tralfamadorians view time. You may be dead here, but at the same time you are learning to ride a bike, holding hands with your best friend, dancing at your 50th wedding anniversary... loved this book. love love love.