45 Books

Book 23

The Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to enjoy The Outliers as much as I think I could or would have because everyone else enjoyed it so much that there was no surprise, no ah-ha moment-- all of them spoiled, all of them. A co-worker of mine talked about Gladwell every day for something like 27 days straight. Darling, dear Darling couldn't help but delve into every detail as he saw things applying in his own life and work (the second to last chapter talks about KIPP charter schools). 

At this time, I choose to respect your decision to read whatever you like (hopefully something I've read so far serves as inspiration and or at least peaks your interest) and your entitlement to opinion  on that material. Instead of telling you about it (and believe me, the temptation is strong my friends), I'll just say that the writing is really great, the information presented very accessibly, convincingly and is very entertaining. Highly recommended for lovers of Sociology, Michael Pollan, current trends/phenomenons. 

I will sign off with the words of my favorite advocate of reading, "but don't take my word for it."

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Ann-Michelle said...

pop psychology journalist style. I'm a fan. I think you'll like his other books just as much, AND they are not spoiled.