Happy (Long) Weekend

Happy Independence Day everyone.

 My sister made this post recently and it put some things into perspective for me. 
We're approaching the 6th anniversary of Joe's accident this year. 
It still feels weird to celebrate.
I can say without question that the 4th of July marks the day my entire life changed. 
The nation celebrates and it's very hard not to notice, or remember. 
It feels magnified, I wish it could just be on a regular Tuesday
and pass normally.
Instead, everyone's given the day off.
Everything from that day forward has been more different than any of us could have imagined.
And life goes on.
My life is good. 
Things are okay.
We are okay.

Be safe everyone! Enjoy the long weekend.




welundell said...

Happy Independence Day Emmy. I love you, I miss you, I miss Joe. Reminds me of paper kits and Easy Money (...the game) and pickels. Joe loves his family, he was the sweetest boy I knew. He misses you and looks forward to see you all again, you are an eternal family, that can always give you tremendous hope!

Nathan said...

Emily -- Sorry I missed you today. I'll chat with you manana. The 3rd of July for certain will be a day I remember too. I wish you a happy 4th and it looks as though you've had a lot of fun in the sun! love ya

Laurel said...

I love you. Bottom line.

E said...

Thanks you guys. So sweet.

Logan said...

I remember that day well too. And how empty I felt to be at Nationals without you. :( I think about you and your family every 4th of July. I hope you are all doing well. Know that I love you and your mama VERY much!!