Happy Weekend

Well all, it's the weekend. I just dropped Darling off at the airport. He's flying home to Idaho for a week so it's just me and the Cashman for a few days to hold down the fort. Unfortunately the fort is a disaster and I'll be spending more time than I'd like to getting it back to, well, I suppose I'd be lying to you if I said normal (becuase hopefully it will be cleaner than normal) but, you know, getting it in order--how's that? When I came home to pick up Darling I was so happy/surprised to find my mom sent me a package! Shoes to be exact. Turquoise, patent leather, fancy shoes! So summery and bright. Bright enough to go with anything, right? Right! (And if I'm wrong, someone should let me know soon!)

New shoes + 1/2 day working at home sounds like a most excellent start to the weekend if I do say so myself!

Now, for those of you who do not reside in the oppressive, sweaty, stanky, dank heat of the South and are having one of those endless summers (like her)* or, if like me, you can only dream and long for the mountain breezes, here's a song to add to your summer playlist. No need to watch the video but do listen, it'll make you smile.

Happy Weekend

*(God, is it me, or is everyone in blogland having this incredibly romantic endless summer? Drives through the mountains, taking a dip in the lake, eating wild berries, watching the sun peek through cool, green leaves which cast fragmented shadows on her skin and eyelashes and smile? You know, everyone is having this summer where they chase ducks and wade in the river--beautifully simplistic--breezy ponytails and stained lips, and fireflies, and fresh jam...)

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