Hey, Nice Stems

I've been trying to channel a little glamor via Cyd Charisse. I have needed to find inspiration in style, in choreography, in attitude, etc. and Cyd seems to fit that bill right now. She's such a bombshell, stunning, such an amazing performer and dancer--and those legs! Those are legs. Legs that can be appreciated by women and men alike. Legs to really stop the show, scratch the record, and make heads turn. I doubt you could keep me clothed if I had those legs. She was featured in the 2001 Guinness Book of World Records under "Most Valuable Legs", since a $5 million insurance policy was reportedly accepted on her legs in 1952. MGM was reputed to have insured her legs for a million dollars each, but Charisse later revealed that that had been an invention of the MGM publicity machine. (citation).

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I mean, she's fabulous. Just sayin.

... channeling glamour + style + choreography + inspiration from Cyd Charisse. I've added an incredible amount of dance flims to our netflix account (sorry, Darling!).

On another note, interestingly enough, I discovered today that many celebrities insure various body parts. Other leggy examples are (converted to 2010 USD):  Rihanna has insured her legs for a cool $1 million, Heidi Klum's stems go for $2.2 million, and Jamie Lee Curtis' gams are $2.8 million. A set of very famous legs (Tina Turner's) were insured for $3.2 million, but that's nothing, because Bette Grable helps us climb closer to the end of this ridiculous list with $14.8 million dollars gems. David Beckham (of course) needs coverage for his shapely set--$70 million dollars for the pair...But that's not even it! Who knew? Who know that the most expensive legs belong to the voice behind "Daydream" (an epic contribution to my memory and experience of '95) Mariah Carey?? one. billion. dollars. (citation)

How does one get his or her legs' estimated value? Who could I speak to for a quote on my own appendages? Is it like the Antique Road Show where they just give you an appraisal? Does value increase with age? Perplexing. I'm serious, someone does this for a living. I could do that for a living.... get back with me, will you?

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