His Name is Jordan Catalano...

J: "This doesn't seem like a Friday."
A: "It's Thursday."
J: "Oh. Are you sure?"
A: "Yesterday was Wednesday, so..."
J: "Oh... Right."
A: "So, that's how I know."
-- Jordan and Angela's first conversation 

I admit it. I've spent a big portion of my weekend sympathizing with Angela, trying to hang with Rayanne Graffe, and falling for Jordan Catalano. It's been an intense My So Called Life marathon. I realized that I still want to be friends with Ricky, and, it's probably the reason why I've always had gay friends. I'm sure it was so edgy for it's time (drugs, drinking, sex, the "issues") but I was young enough when it aired, I suppose I don't have recollected opinions on "edgy" content in '94.. unless you count MTV's "Undressed" which definitely falls under "edgy" for my '94 brain. But more than feeling admiration for their willingness to push boundaries of television content, I have to say that I'm continually impressed with the writing of the show. It's so smart, sympathetic and wise for both young teenagers and adults--it's very thoughtful. I think it is because people used to watch, there weren't 400 other channels to choose from. 

It's a riot. It's wonderful. I was reminded of my thrift-store hunt for a brown corduroy faux sheep lined jacket of a few years ago and remembered I totally used to have a backpack like Sharon's.

Look me in the eyes and tell me that seeing little trained ballerina Claire Danes, after kissing Jordan Catalano, isn't one of the most perfect depictions you've ever seen. The clumsy language, the thick silence, the utter joy... It'll still make you have butterflies.


Ann-Michelle said...

my next purchase on ebay. for sure.

Samuel said...

I remember "darling" was way into that show. I never could get into it.