Lunch, an equation

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I have a very difficult time with lunch.

Food. I love food. I love cooking, creating, scheming, executing, enjoying food. I don't blog much about cooking but cooking has become one of my things since I moved to Memphis. Without many friends and Darling working to the point of exhaustion on a daily basis, cooking has become an indulgence--it serves as both functionality and entertainment in our home. It's a very satisfying creative outlet for me, one that I have made tremendous strides in. I'm not consistent yet, but, if I do say so myself, I have a few dishes that I feel confident in.

So nothing is more unappetizing than my office, right? I rarely feel hungry and despise eating at my desk. I like to enjoy the meal, the whole process, and eating in an office really, truly strips the mastication of nutritious morsels of any pleasure. Enter, the lunch dilemma. Sometimes I make something from home to bring (I make the majority of Darlings lunches) and oftentimes I go home to let Cash have a bathroom break and I eat there. But what do I do on the days when I'm not driving home?

Where do I eat for lunch? Why is there no food? Being at work is unappetizing enough. Eating has been relegated to a task, something to get out of the way. I have one hour to escape the confines of my mid-height cubicle and breathe fresh air. 60 precious minutes that I would rather not waste driving down the main drag and hoping that something new will appear amongst the McDonalds, Chick Fil A, Popeyes, Wendys, Arbys, mega-store clustercuss that is just off of the interstate in office-park-outskirts-of-suburbia-strip-mall-mayhem. It's always such a chore.  Sure there are other food options that exist but I don't make enough money, and think it's silly, to spend $12 on lunch daily.

My new solution:

1 Everything Bagel
2 Plums or Pluots
1 Bananna


Seriously. I feel like a success. It's plenty of food, produce is a win, and its easy/cheap/delicious. But someday, and probably soon, I will tire of this equation. So, tell me, does anyone else have a lunch equation? Can we make a collective list of lunch equations to put on rotation? That would be fantastic, at least, I think it's a really good idea.

On another note, Darling and I are dog sitting this week. 3 beautiful puppies running around joyously. 3 puppies ebbing and flowing like a little whirlpool of animals trailing somewhere between 1 and 3 feet from me at all times. The first night went very well and I think we'll get a routine established soon. So fun. So tiring. It's a lot of dog, a lot of smell, a lot of poop, a lot of hair, a lot of love. Maybe, just maybe we'll have two one day...

Wow. Do I sound baby (and by baby I mean puppy, obviously) hungry or what? PMS most likely This is the most maternal thing you might ever hear me say.

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