Rock N Roll

(Darling wants to be that old man in the red coat when he grows up.)

I would absolutely be misleading you if I told you I was a legit Led Zeppelin fan. This in no way deters me from stating that last night's Robert Plant concert was one of the best shows I've ever been to (even if that makes me a poser) (do people still use the word poser?). In Memphis' legendary (and beautiful) Orpheum Theater the sound was pristine, the energy amazing, the chemistry of the musicians undeniable. I did my share of head slash knee bobbing but I found myself in a trance for nearly two hours, which seemed a lot more like 45 minutes. Lots of new material that was moody, creepy, and carnivalesque, a handful of rearranged Zeppelin songs (Misty Mountain Hop, Nobody’s Fault but Mine, Thank You, Rock and Roll, and a few others that I can't name),  all of it quite stripped down, expressive and ultra-blusey--Memphis style. (There's something inexplicably satisfying about hearing deep-blues or rockabilly in Memphis...) The only girl, Patty Griffin, blew me away and has some serious pipes. All of their voices, in fact, were rich and soulful, giving way to full, swelling, room-filling harmonies. 

Fantastic. Fantastic. Fantastic. 

In general, the music scene in Tennessee flocks to Nashville. Nashville seems to have the demographic and the money for concert culture to really thrive. But we have really lucked out with opportunities to see music legends (and legendary musicians + Memphis/MS Delta is exactly what I feel like music should be here, don't you think?) Betty Lavette, Willie Nelson, Robert Plant... impressive, especially considering we've only been less than one year (but only by a few days, how crazy is that?) B.B. King ticket sales opened yesterday, and we definitely want to make it to Clarksdale for the Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival again--I'll keep you posted. 

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