That Rug Really Tied The Room Together

(Via UO here and here)

I have some new things waiting at home today! Exciting, right? I'm pretty sure they are just pieces of canvas that have been printed on, hardly an actual rug, but they were very inexpensive and we don't have an Ikea anywhere near by (for other cheap-bold-colorful floor covering options). Rather than making a big investment in a rug (does anyone else find the price of rugs baffling?) my primary goal was to find a hair magnet--I think any sort of cloth covering will do the trick. So there's that

We've also been doing very well countering the whole everything has to be perfect and nothing gets done accusation and we're getting loads of stuff done around the house. We've moved in a lot faster in this new place in terms of getting things put away, getting things set up. We're both really enjoying our new place, everything feels better. We're feeling better, Cash is feeling better, things are making sense. We've been working hard to get things in order (as much as possible) before the Fall '10 school year starts (Darlings got summer school all of July). It might sound silly, but it really feels like a reflection of how we're doing in Memphis these days, in this new phase of life--like we're finally finding our groove. Refreshing.