Wham Bam(a) Thank You Darling, a weekend roadtrip

About two weeks ago, Darling asked me if I could "clear my schedule" on the 10th--he wanted to take me on a date. Friday it surfaced that we were actually leaving town, Birmingham to be exact, and, we should probably make arrangements for Cashman. We lucked out when our friend Joel said he'd be happy to take the little guy overnight for us. A secret trip to Birmingham? What could possibly be in Birmingham?? (I'm not sure to tell you the truth. All I really know about Birmingham, still, is Hate and Football.) Lucky for Darling, I'm not one to let my curiosity get the best of me-I enjoy a good surprise-and I avoided the google to find out what it was that would be taking us there...

 Darling gearing up to go (that new rug in our kitchen looks purdy good, no?  The Mr. Ed door leads to the sun porch).

Saturday morning was a bit hectic: The Elders had a garage sale to raise money for an adoption, returning a belt to J.Crew, gassing up the car, getting Cashman ready and dropped off, cleaning the house/doing dishes I kind of can't believe we made it out the door by 3. Four hours and 4 chapters into The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963 later, we arrived. I had found out, by that point that we were going to a concert, and I began to get nervous that I wouldn't actually recognize who the band was... Darling assured me I would.

Somehow we managed to get inside the venue, grab a drink, and make our way toward the stage without once passing a sign, seeing our ticket stubs, a merchandise stand, or t-shirt wearing fan...

's a pretty wonderful surprise, don't you think? She and Him, this time at the Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, AL (Last time, if you recall we saw them at SCAD in Savannah, GA). The Sloss Furnaces is a really cool venue, an old steel factory located underneath a viaduct (we were not allowed to bring cameras so I stole these from the google:

 There really is something to be said for standing outdoors in Alabama in July... I think I've truly acclimated to the South'rn heat as I had sweat dripping down the backs of my legs (and it takes some serious heat to make your legs sweat) and I didn't feel as though I was about to die or melt. 

 Sissy & Darling & the Birmingham Public Library

Highlights from this show included a few new songs and a cover of the Beach Boys' "Wouldn't it be nice?" We came home Sunday morning and were crazy productive getting ready for the upcoming week. Darling has students back today, let's all wish him the best of luck with this new batch of kids, in unison now, "good-luck-Daaarling." All in all we had a fantastic weekend. A quick getaway is just what one needs every now and again, even Alabama proves to be worth the trip! Darling you're amazing, xoxo.


Logan said...

So fun! They're actually performing in SLC soon, for FREE, at Pioneer park. I can't wait! Think you could make another road trip? :)

Soph! said...

Very true! Small weekend getaways are a great break from the normal. And it calms my wanderlust...for awhile :)

What a great surprise, Darling!