45 Books

Book 24

Of Mice and Men - John Steinbeck

... an' live of the fatta the lan'
I loved it. Once again I've not seen the movie of this read. Darling assures me the movie is much better than the book (you must realize that Darling is a book-whore so I suppose the movie really is worth checking out) but I always think Steinbeck is just right. It's always perfect. I wrote a few musings on Of Mice and Men here, previously.


Camille said...

Dear Emily,
While we are calling names... I hate to break it to you but you are a book whore as well!!! It is a house full of book whores and puppies in Memphis. I love it!

Simple Diva said...

Okay, so I just started reading you. What is the deal with the books? Is there a list you are working through? Or are you just posting the number of books you read so far this year? Well that is enough for the questions. I am just curious. BTW: I like your blog.

Emily said...

Haha. The book thing I can't so much explain, it started somewhere with having a mother that was also a teacher and was enhanced when I majored in English Lit in college. I love them. Everything about them. I wanted to keep up my reading post college, so, this year I made a goal to read 45 books. Which evens out at 1 book per week with 7 weeks off. I've been chronicling my progress and writing blurbs on the blog: 1) To keep up with writing something, even if it's not academic. 2) By articulating a few thoughts on some of the books I read it helps to reinforce my memory of the material.

So glad you're stopping by!