And so it begins...

Everyone meet Darling:

He seems nice enough, right? He's incredibly smart. Very sweet. Handsome, certainly.
don't let that smile fool you. He's crazy.
Here's the break down:

1} Darling left last Friday. He flew home to Idaho to see family and get a few things arranged. 
2} Cut to Saturday when he gave his return flight ticket the middle finger and rented a UHaul. 
3} He's bringing all kinds of furniture and things back to Memphis.
4} I hope we have a place for everything. I hope we're not increasing our amount of stuff by 50%. Darling has kind of given me that impression...
5} Somewhere during the next interval he convinces his sister to drive across the country with him, and to leave within the following two days.
6} Seriously.

8} They managed to go to a pre-Sturgis rally. (They only missed the real thing by 4 days!)
9} Number six is more relevant and funny if you know Natty (D's sister) is in a scooter club called 2% and travels all over the North West for scooter rally's. 
10} Looks like they'll arrive tomorrow (Friday) around noon.
11} School starts Monday.

I tell you, he's crazy.

Never a dull moment. I think he overdoses on stressful situations, or at least on packing the absolute most (distance, activity, emotion) into his given time allotment, no matter how small (e.g. The time we drove to Birmingham for a concert and considered driving back the same night). I think he takes it like a really intense drug. What teacher in their right mind drives across the country in a moving truck the weekend before school starts? Darling does. Le sigh. I do love him. And although it is stressful, it's also fun. I told him I was okay as long as he wasn't grumpy. Cash and I are excited to see him. It'll be fantastic to have Natty around for a few days as well, she's so great.
Cross-country road trips, new things, BBQ, dancing, blues music, laughter, and air conditioning... our final weekend approaches. And so it starts...

Year Two.



Anonymous said...

Got to love the crazy ones :) And by the way, I enjoy the artist posts! Really do!

Enjoy your busy weekend!

Emily said...

Isn't that how it must go? Glad to hear from you! Have a great weekend as well!