Cool Down

Yesterday was long, I was irritable, steamed up for a portion of the day.
It happens.
I was headed into Harbor Town last night for rehearsal so I took a few minutes beforehand to simmer down, sit by the Mississippi, and watch the sunset.

Hello Arkansas!

I miss seeing the sunset (especially over the mountains).  I rarely have the opportunity to catch those last moments of daylight here in Memphis. The flat landscape and towering oak trees which umbrella the city diminishes the concept of a view. Such a lovely treat then, when I do glimpse it.

You know who else has been cooling down? Memphis. I have been thrilled this week that the heat finally broke! It's time to go camping, to get our little fire pit in the backyard going, to while away the weekends and evenings outdoors. 
- Our long, hot Memphis summer has been validated. Forbes named Memphis as the second hottest city in the US this summer. Our hotness was measured by how many days the temperature rose above our summer average (72!). Louisville may have beat us by one day, but we totally know we’re hotter than they are.

No longer are the days of feeling personally violated by the obscene heat.
At least, I hope.


Rachel Swan said...

gorgeous photos, lady. do you have a fancy camera? if so, i need the deets.

Sherry said...

These pictures made me think of Lizz Wright (Jazz Singer). She has such an awesome old-time soul sound, not to mention she's beautiful. Anyway, the photos had the same feel to me.

Emily said...

R--oh goodness no! haha! I think the river is just a good subject. I'm totally still rocking the free Samsung flip phone from TMobile and a digital point and shoot from 2004. :D but I'm glad you like them. Would love to have a fancy DSLR to play with, I just can't justify spending the money for a sometimes hobby right now.

S--I think there's something about the river + jazz/blues transcends anything I understand. It just feels right, doesn't it? There's some amazing, real gritty, soulful sounds as you move deeper into the Mississippi Delta. It's pretty incredible. Your association makes sense in my head :)

Anonymous said...

Love the river; Norway's longest river passes by our garden - it's a beautiful, soothing view!
Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting!

Soph! said...

That's one thing I do not miss about Memphis, the summer. :)

I do however miss that riverfront! I spent a lot of evenings walking it.