Crouching Tiger Chiang Mai Dragon

I'm not really into Asian influenced Decor, which is not to say I don't think it looks nice. If executed well, it can be really stunning--I personally don't have the ambition to take on a red accent wall, however. (I immediately think of when Vern Yip had the best designs on Trading Spaces in the early 00's... don't call me out on this if it's something to shy at presently. It's been years since I've seen anything--this is from recollection only.) You could say that my tastes began to alter when Little Green Notebook introduced me to the fantastic, (and tragically beyond my budget if buying non-wholesale), Chiang Mai Dragon fabric by Schumacher:

 Isn't it purdy? I realize that it has made the rounds among bloggers, but I too have fallen for it. I think this settee sofa is spot on:

It is the perfect punch of color in a large graphic print, I just adore the chevron on the backside.

I have inherited a chair reupholstery project, which I'm excited to eventually take on (I'm thinking this Fall). As I try to process how to go about this I keep coming back to these images. (Funny enough, when I spoke with my sister about it she sent me these exact same images.)

I'm very excited that I just scored a yard of the much coveted Chiang Mai Dragon in Aquamarine for a fraction of its retail value on Ebay! (Note: look to Ebay for fantastic discounts on fabric) Now, it's not enough to take on the chair project but I thought I should probably see it in person, see how it incorporates with our other things before I seriously consider spending the cash for the appropriate yardage. I think mixing patterns (as LGN has here) is the way to go to keep things cost effective and modern.


Do you think, in this case, imitation is the best form of flattery? (Aka stick with the chevron print:)

Or that LGN has the the right idea--to go with a simple geometric shape, but copy catting isn't necessary?

 Any thoughts from you design gurus?

P.S. Since Samuel called me out on the Endless Summer Playlist only being a 9 Minute Playlist,  here's another song to add (we'll get there):  Delta Spirit - "Trashcan"

I can't explain it but this song just begs for your best Charlie Brown Dance. Feel free to humor your instincts on this one. I always find a good time upon listening.

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