First Day of School

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It's Darling's first day of school! I completely forgot to take his photo in front of the door with his backpack on. I'm crossing my fingers that he'll be up for re-staging it later tonight.

I should probably (quickly) confess that the *second best part of Darling working as a 6th grade teacher is that I get to go back to school supplies shopping. Buying fresh notebooks, crayons, erasers, pens, folders... I get off on that kind of thing (Mrs. Lundell, I know you remember playing "backpack" with me when we were 10) (You know, where **you rearrange all of your new school supplies and lay them out prettily and then, once you've got it just so, you gingerly place them back in your brand new Jansport like a pretty present) (... oh, you didn't do that??).

For new readers, Darling and I moved to Memphis when he was accepted into the 2009 Teach For America Corps, hence all of the teacher-school talk you can spot on my blog.  Darling teaches for a KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) charter school (wiki info about KIPP here). I believe that everyone in Darling's life is absolutely flabbergasted that he's currently working with children, as a teacher, and on the most intensive teaching schedule I've seen (and I have a family full of teachers).  It's been very challenging, and I'd eventually like my boyfriend back, but I'm so proud of him and his hard work, and excited about this adventure we've embarked on.

Beginning the second year of his two-year teaching commitment really brings (cruelly, harshly) my indecisiveness and uncertainty about my own career/life choices to the foreground. I feel the urge to plan and research and try to quickly stitch together a new plan for the future (grad school, moving, chasing dreams and what not) so that we have somewhere to go after all of this but I also feel as though I'm not ready to make those kinds of decisions, financially or otherwise, as the finality of such choices (frankly) scares me stiff. Sometimes I'm not ready to be grown...

Without further ado, let us raise our glasses for a quick toast:
Cheers Darling! Best of luck, my love!


* My favorite part is that hypothetically he has summer off. Hypothetically  he's supposed to get some sort of relief from this job. Those two sweet weeks of travel and bumming around the house look to be very, very far away (See KIPP wiki for explanation).

** Product placement/styling + pretty supplies? I've been ready for niche blogging since I was 10!! I was just waiting for the rest of technology to catch up with me. :)

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