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I had my first success with cooking tofu last night! Over the last few years I've tried over and over again to prepare it at home and for whatever reason have not yet produced edible results! That has all changed my friends. Not only did I make great tofu but I managed to make a Thai (? I don't know, that sounds good)-fusion meal that Darling loved (the man hates, really hates anything with soy sauce and we typically only eat Japanese or Thai at restaurants).

I tried to incorporate as much of my farmer's market bounty as possible, to use what I have (I always come home with so much food for two of us) and because nothing beats its fresh taste. It is thrown together according to whimsy, measurements are loose. I think bok choy, bean sprouts, snap beans, or sweet peas would be excellent additions for future attempts. P.S. It's quick and easy.

          udon noodles
          cherry tomatoes - halved
          zucchini - peeled and diced
          green pepper - diced
          fresh basil - chopped
          firm tofu - drained, sliced thin, and lightly floured + salt and pepper
          good quality olive oil
          4 cloves garlic - minced or through garlic press
          pinch of red pepper flakes
          salt and pepper to taste
          Thai sweet chili sauce (optional)

1} Cook noodles according to package directions, return drained noodles to pan, set aside.
2} Chop and combine tomatoes, zucchini, green pepper, and fresh basil with noodles. 
3}In a small frying pan, layer the bottom with olive oil and heat until flour sprinkled in the pan sizzles. Add floured tofu slices to hot oil and brown both sides (3-5 mins), let drain on clean towel.
4} Once finished, add a few more glugs of olive oil to the same frying pan, add minced or pressed garlic and cook until fragrant and garlic begins to brown (2 mins). Add oil/garlic mixture to the vegetable/noodle pot.
5}Toss with pinch of red pepper + salt and pepper to taste.

Serve veggies and noodles topped with crispy tofu slices.

I also served it with a little cup of Thai sweet chili sauce on the side (which was fire with the tofu and all that garlic) and toasted slices of chewy bread (on this note, pan toasted bread with butter on both sides is the only way to eat toast. Period.) Lunch today will be the awesome.

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Rachel Swan said...

thank you for posting this! I have tried for 3 years with absolutely no success in the cooking with tofu department. I even have 7 boxes of tofu in my cupboard waiting to be used! I'll let you know how this goes...