Happy Weekend

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I've quadrupled my workload this past week, posting has been spotty. But I wanted to wish you a happy hello, complain about the heat--again (sorry, it's just that every single day I feel as though mother nature has it out for me, personally...), and send you a song for the Endless Summer Playlist. Because I like the idea of summer and I love a good playlist...

The Endless Summer Playlist (so far, in no particular play order)

1. Bob Dylan - I Want You
2.  Sparklehorse - Piano Fire
3. Emily Wells - Symphony 9 & The Sunshine

For those of you in Utah, don't forget Craft Lake City is tomorrow at the Gallivan Center!
Please support the local handmade movement!

Be sure to say hello to my sister! She'll be running two booths, one for Anne Michelle Heirlooms and one for The Social Seam. She and my mom have been working their tails off these last few weeks. Because I like you, I'm going to give you the insider scoop. My mom has made the most beautiful Italian merino cashmere scarves that will be making their debut at CLC. I'm envious of anyone who gets one and am crossing my fingers I receive a package in the mail come October. And my sister has some adorable goodies that you will just have to see for yourself.

I'll be teaching a contemporary class again tomorrow at Theatre Works 1:00 - 2:30PM!
I'm also hoping to discover my dosha (a la Mrs. Swan), indulge in some yoga, go to the market, have drinks and chats with a friend, and take my little sister (BBBS) for cupcakes and manicures for her 15th Birthday!

Happy Weekend



Rachel Swan said...

Heeeyyy...thanks for the shout out, lady. Loving your endless summer playlist.Do you have Dylan's Blonde on Blonde album? Visions of Johanna is my all time favorite. Thanks for the CLC reminder, hopefully I'll be able to make it downtown sometime tomorrow to check it out!

Happy weekending, love!

Samuel said...

Is the endless summer playlist continued elsewhere? Did I miss the link? Or is it only three songs. Cause, I mean, three songs isn't really endless is it? More like the 9 minute summer playlist. :)