Just Lovely

Over the last few days I have really tried to put the effort into starting each morning with a fresh, clean slate. Tabula Rasa.

To wake up 30 minutes early and walk the dog, to make sure I keep my unibrow in check, to put a band aid on the back of my heel where the shoes I just wore on the walk have given me a blister, to swipe on some coral blush because I remembered, "I own coral blush" and "it makes me look awake and tolerable in the morning" and "looking awake and tolerable in the morning helps me to feel a little better about myself," to give myself 10 minutes in the pink light of morning on the back patio with my current book and a piping hot cup of liquid black-gold (Okay, it sounds dramatic but I'm only drinking one cup of coffee per day now, folks, and I savor every last drop... it's a big deal) while Cash does his rummaging, to leave on time...

To do what I can to prepare myself for a mildly successful day (maybe my bar of success isn't as high as yours, it's okay), accept the things I cannot change, tell myself at least you have a job, take some nice, deep breaths, and buck up and smile through my teeth...  you know, those kinds of things. And the world's alright, you know?

And the thing is I am grateful. I really am. But I can't help it that I have my days, and that lately those days seem to occur daily. My fuse has become short, shorter than even I am accustomed to. Just Lovely.

And it's not all bad, there's plenty of good, its just, (you know) sometimes frustrations run real high and seem to keep piling on. So I called my mom looking for, I don't know. I just call my mom sometimes out of instinct (I can't help it) even though I know it's not going to be the conversation that instinct told me it might be. And then those little things start creeping in: there was nothing at the house for lunch, and it's possible Darling and I had less than or equal to 30 minutes of face to face time, And Cash ate my shoe. Okay, so maybe it wasn't stylish anymore, but when I purchased them they were my Carrie Bradshaw gold wedges and in my head they're still kind of my Carrie Bradshaw gold wedges...

And nothing quite stamps out those few nice things you had going for you like having the heel of your left Carrie Bradshaw gold wedge eaten less than 10 minutes after it left your foot!! 

 And I breathe deep and smile through my teeth. Just Lovely.

and then,

And then somehow, seemingly miraculously, a beautiful act of friendship finds me, long-distance, in the post. A package. Tied in a pretty, sunny kerchief, the scent of lavender overtakes my senses. Inside a book (you know how I like those) and a note. And although the rest of the day has indeed happened already (accept those thing you cannot change), I feel the corners of my mouth turn up, a genuine smile, soft across my lips. I think to myself, 

"Wow. Just lovely."

Thanks friend. For making my day.

And thanks friends, for reading and sticking with me and continuing to stop by.
There will be new things coming this way, and something exciting in the near future.
Pinky promise.


Delightfully Tacky said...

I actually went to school in Spokane and have been to Coeur D'Alene quite a few times. It's gorgeous and I totally agree about the cute downtown shops and restaurants!

Rachel Swan said...

now i'm blushing!!! you're welcome, love. I'm happy it made you happy.

Anonymous said...

It is the simple things my dear. :) How very LOVELY1 ;)