Since Darling is out of town, I have, and continue to find myself keeping incredibly busy...

Going to the Farmer's Market early enough to buy local eggs and meat along with fresh veggies and flowers. Cleaning the house. Dance Auditions. Walking the dog. 8AM yoga. Sewing. Painting my nails (something I haven't done in years). Grocery Shopping. House shopping. Clothes shopping (okay, so I went to run one errand and came back a few hundred dollars poorer but I believe it was for the greater good. Promise.) Cooking dinner for a friend. Cooking just to cook. Chatting/catching up with old friends. Finishing a book... Each day I have surprised myself. I suppose his leaving town is great for productivity, so long as the interval is short. :)

I posted about these felt dolls a long while ago but finally decided to make my own. 

Hopefully soon she will have hair and legs and clothes..

I'm also on a total skirt kick lately. It's weird, because I haven't worn a skirt with any sort of regularity since probably 2003 or so... suddenly, I have this need to buy/make/wear skirts everyday. I think its quite possibly the heat (both because skirts are cooler than pants, and I'm pretty sure it melts your brain causing delirious behaviors and fashion choices). Here are 2 I've made so far (I have fabric for a few others) based on this tutorial from What Would A Nerd Wear?. Each has cost somewhere around $6 - $10, was extremely easy, and I'm fairly comfortable with making something for myself to wear. I don't think it looks too much like a Girl Scout or 4-H project (although I may ask for validation). 

Do you think so? (shameless.) Do you like my gangsta' lean? I learned that in Memphis.

This is weird as I'm still wearing the outfit pictured. I sort of hope the people who see me today don't happen to also be reading my blog today.

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Rachel Swan said...

LOVE. I can't get over your haircut, lady!