A Summer Song

Gorgeous photo via jonas peterson
Those mountains make my heart leap out of my chest, you know.

Endless Summer Playlist #6 Nick Drake - "Cello Song"

I decided to go with a Nick Drake tune for the next playlist addition, but which Nick Drake song to post?? Although I typically associate his chilly sound with the onset of autumn (which we are -hopefully- not far from), I still find there is always something fresh about Drake. Five Leaves Left has always held its own as a stand-out album to me, one of those few gems that I can listen to from start to finish without distraction or impatience. I settled on "Cello Song" because it unfailingly reminds me of the many drives I have made through the Colorado Plateau and Northern Arizona desert (during summer 2005 in particular). Personally, I really love the rough quality and texture of the "Cello Song" cello. What do you think?

He's one of my very favorites.


Sarah said...

Beautiful pictures, it totally reminds me of back home in Colorado. Ahh to be there again. Love the song too!


Anonymous said...

Love the song; appropriate for a lazy summer afternoon.