45 Books

Book 26

Pride of Baghdad - Written by: Brian K. Vaughn, Illustrated by: Niko Henrichon

In 2003 a small pride of lions escaped from the Baghdad Zoo during the US bombing.
Vaughn and Henrichon have collaborated to beautifully elaborate and fictionalize their story. 
It's both very touching and very dark. The illustration, the color, is gorgeous.

You can choose to read it as an allegory, the symbolism and critique is hard to miss. I chose to primarily read it as an animal lover. I cried.


MaryPosa said...

I love Brian K Vaughn. I hadn't heard about this, so I'm glad you posted about it. I'm definitely going to check this one out.

Soph! said...

Interesting! I'm gonna check this out. Glad you posted it too!