Away From It All + Happy Weekend

My dears, why do you torture me so? For whatever reason, so many blogs I follow have been posting pictures of various mountains this week and my heart breaks. It's not fair. I'm hoping to meet up with my girl La to hear about/see her photos from hiking Mt. Baker in Snoqualmie National Forest in Washington and  her trip to Seattle (I would move there in an instant, you know).  My daydream of choice lately is jumping out of this rat race and working for the forest service or a national park. It would be simple (it's a daydream, humor me on this one). Just my pup, my Darling, my books and notepads, and steep, steep cliffs to hike and climb and scramble and explore...

My old digs, via Roxy Marj 

The Uintas, via Mrs. Thomas (who's expecting soon!)

Somewhere near Santa Barbara - D*S

Hope yall have a fantastic weekend! I couldn't be happier it's Friday. 


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