Busy Busy Bee

Hey'all. After a conversation Saturday I decided it was necessary to sit down and assess my schedule--was googley eyed just thinking about it. Now through the end of October is pretty jam packed for me. I'll definitely be to, and when there is to you can bet there will certainly be some fro. Between these two I may disappear for a few days at a time but I'm not gone and I'll have lots to share, even if its after the fact. So...

Thank you for being so fantastic, for sticking around, for giving your thoughts-slash-insights, for sharing with me! It is the madness that keeps us on our toes, right? Banality and monotony can be death. Let's keep it a bit exciting (to help convince myself that I'm glass half-full instead of anxious about all of this).



ck said...

good luck my dear...... by the way these bees are on my arm. bzzz.

The Lady said...


I just need you to remember how much I completely adore you. I have been blog absent for so long and just got caught up on yours and I just wish you could come here to visit very soon.

P.S. Your blog comment made Sue, Javi, and me laugh soooo hard.

Te quiero mucho