Cher: "Okay, so you're probably going, "Is this like a Noxzema commercial or what?" But seriously, I actually have a way normal life ... " - Clueless (1995)

I have had more trouble with my skin in adulthood than adolescence. Moving to a new climate has proven to be very hard on my skin this past year. It's no fun being a victim of adult acne nor is it fun trying to troubleshoot the problem:

Are you complex or combination? 
 uhh.. yes, I mean no.. sometimes..?  

Where are your problem areas
uhh.. kind of in different places.

Is your skin sensitive? 
umm.. to some things, somtimes. option C? Wait, what's C again?

What is you biggest skincare concern? Aging, wrinkles, tone, quality?
 Hobocamp? ho-hobocamp! hobocamp!
You think I sound ridiculous? Go to an Erno Laszlo counter - they'll "clock" you. I think I was something like an 11:45:08 AM Mountain Standard Time and no, they didn't also punch me in the face afterward.

Although I would love to use a high-end-miracle-working-line (like Dr. Perricone), it's just out of my price range. I went to Sephora and was talked into purchasing a few products from the Philosophy line.

I've been pleasantly surprised with the Purity wash (an all-in-one, gentle cleanser):

and the Hope in a Jar moisturizer: (very light, absorbs quickly, but is still very effective + SPF protection is always a bonus in my fair-freckled book).

I might just begin my conversion to the Philosophy line. It's affordable and gentle. Although I haven't totally cleared up my skin feels fundamentally different after the first few days of use (hopefully that's a good thing). Of course the sales girl tried to convince me that I need a toner, and pore vacuum cleanser/minimizer, an eye cream, a weekly microderm abrasion peel, a mask, 6 serums, some foam, and possibly a moustache-eyebrow-bikkini-leg wax in one... I've definitely left something out, I can't keep it all straight. It's overwhelming.

I like need my routine to be minimal and straight to the point. I am much more efficient and reliable at keeping a skincare routine when I have less products/jars/bottles/tubes to fuss with.

Do you have adult skin problems too? What's you're routine? Any tips/tricks to share?

I can't be the only one who is looking for a little guidance.



Rachel Swan said...

my favorite face wash is Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser for normal to oily skin. I have tried so many different (and expensive!) brands, but this is by far my favorite. I use it every day + then exfoliate 3 times a week; my skin has never been happier. I also drink a gallon of water every day and do a lot of sweaty yoga, so those things are contributing a lot, I think.

However, I'm still on the hunt for a decent moisturizer. My skin stays pretty balanced most of the year, but the beginning of winter always dries my skin out.

Thanks for the recommendations!Oh, and I just ordered a 2bamboo swimsuit - you should totally get paid for your recommendations :)

Ann-Michelle said...

I struggle. Yes, I do. You know that.

But after thoughtfully reflecting, I think you would really really really like the Beta Wash from Erno Laszlo. Its the perfect balance of medicated and gentle. And it really makes your face feel clean. It doesn't have the waxy residue of EL's bar soaps. The only problem for me is that it doesn't control the oil enough - but i have a significant oil issue.

Pair it with the light controlling lotion, and I think you'll see some serious results. If you ARE concerned about oil, also use the Conditioning Preparation. I would suggest getting everything on ebay for a deeeep discount.