Happy First Day of Fall

I know things have been a bit music-centric around here lately, but it's only because...

...because something in music has recently (once again) creeped deep inside my body. 
...because I can't ever seem to hold my head or shoulders still, even in public. 
...because my feet immediately burst into acute paradiddles every time they touch tile.
...because I still choreograph in my car.
 ...because my senses are feeling very in tune.

I have always connected with music but the intensity ebbs and flows, as with anything.
But it's on now,
So it feels an appropriate way to wish you a happy first day of Fall.

Maple Leaves - Jens Leckman

I still think this is one of the saddest, most bittersweet songs I've ever heard.

 But I love sad bastard music.
love it.

'suppose I'm a masochist in that sense*.

+ Plus +

sad bastard music is very fall, don't you think?

*Aren't all liberal arts major types?


Rachel Swan said...

I love the music posts - keep them coming! I've been feeling pretty bored with all of my playlists lately, so I truly appreciate your suggestions.

Thanks for your kind words yesterday, you made my day :)

Emily said...

good, good! I totally love our rekindled friendship!

Soph! said...

One of my favorite Jens Lekman songs