Happy Makers

the color orange + the general "Fall talk" going around.
(That first photo almost took my breath away)

The most stylish book club in all the land

Chanel Khaki Vert nail polish
And not on the web...

+ a fresh haircut

+ learning new dances, rehearsals are picking up to 10 hours a week on average, keeping me active and involved.

+ ready bake pizzas from Whole Foods (does anyone else still call it Wild Oats?)

+ working on a painting for a nursery. could I even call it a commission? I think I will just to sound fancy.

+ one chapter left in my book. I'm waaaay behind on the 45 goal friends but I'm still on the wagon.

What about you guys? Anyone else have happy-s to share?


libby said...

oh, I think you get to call it a commission. :)

Steph said...

*pumpkin! Pumpkin bread from Kneaders, pumpkin steamers from Starbucks, everything pumpkin possible

*baby has hiccups right now

*going camping for the weekend = time to read books!

*itty bitty pink Converse All-stars

*hot cereal for breakfast

*nap time

*learning a new Mendelssohn piece

*pepperoni, mushroom, olive thin crust from Pizza Hut

*giant down pillows

*the blog called "Sissy Jupe"

Steph said...
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Rachel Swan said...

Let's see...

Avett Brothers at Deer Valley TONIGHT. I'm going by myself. I may end up feeling super lame.

Mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Sela telling Brian that his pants are doing a good job of covering up his penis. during dinner. HA!

Working on my Ayurveda Workshop - I'm excited to see how it unfolds!

And blogging. I'm happy to be back!

Karalee Kuchar said...

You posted my photo! Emma, you made my day today! Good Sat morning..
I will forever be your follower