Happy Weekend

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I can't believe it's Friday! Although it's fantastic the weekend has finally arrived, I've got to tell you, it's a bit anxiety inducing. This is the last weekend I'll be spending at home before my mother arrives.


(yup, that was the record scratching)

Holy $%&* my mom is coming to visit!!! You need to realize that my mother has never stayed with me before. She's actually only ever visited me on a handful of occasions, for a few hours at a time. Therefore, the approaching 8-day long stint has been giving me cold sweats for at least a month. (I recently found out my sister is also coming, officially, boo-yah!) (yes, I said it, boo-yah)

She won't be here for two weeks but next weekend I'll be out of town and currently my weekdays + Sundays are completely dominated by dance rehearsals right. If it's not done this weekend, I don't stand a chance against anything that can't be shoved into the back room closet.

Any advice/tricks/tips you have to offer by way of:

1) Cleaning--what are some key things to hit/remember that make a big impact?
2) Keeping things in order for two whole weeks--How do you stay on top of it?
3) Quick styling tips--seem shallow? totally. But I mean, my mom is coming to visit... name one thing that would induce more pressure to make myself and my place look totally put together ...  

"ooohh, this old thing?" *rips price tag off, wads into ball and eats when mother turns her back*

If my finances allowed I would have probably redecorated by now; however, that's not exactly realistic.

What do YOU do to prepare for family to visit?

Happy Weekend Friends
Wish me luck and loads of productivity!



BriannEm said...

I know this is labor intensive, but I reorganize things. That way everything looks new to me, and I can stop worrying about it. Also, Vacuum and dust. People expect a little clutter, but dusting makes it look like you clean on a regular basis. Good Luck!

Steph said...

When I get in a cleaning frenzy I typically get side-tracked deep cleaning some small corner of my pantry, or paying special attention to outlet covers . . . take care of the big picture cleaning first before getting lost in the baseboards! Also, cook up some of your amazing recipes you've been writing about. Your mom might forget all about the state of your home if there's good food :) Have fun!

Rachel Swan said...

lots of clean + pretty towels. fresh flowers. organized pantry, drawers, and cupboards. a fridge full of good food + fruit bowl on the counter. nice sheets. sew up some new pillow covers for your couch. a good candle. if you feel happy + comfortable in your space, your guests will too. and remember that they are there to see you, silly, not your home. xoxoxo

p.s. i'm excited for you. and a little nervous too. hope all goes well :)

Samuel said...

Before she arrives, smash a window. While she is suffering from a bout of the vapors, you offer: "It's probably just the neighborhood kids! You know how rambunctious those games of stickball can get! Mother, honestly, you're such a country mouse! A broken window here is very common!" Your Mother will be so concerned about your safety and well-being that she will not have time nor inclination to mentally tick off the reasons i) why you can't possibly succeed at living a life on your own without her, and ii) why you abandoned her after she devoted so much of her own life to loving you only to be greeted with 1200 miles of empty space, the precise bounds of your gratitude . . . Once the shock that the window is broken (and thus your safety is in constant peril!) wears off, you may resort to carrying a razor around in your pocket to nick yourself anytime she adopts pre-judgment lip tightening -- tending to your wounds will put her back in nurturing mode. However, this will go horribly awry if you do not have a sizable cache of band-aids, neosporin, hydro-peroxide and the like -- both because nothing scares a mother more than a child without enough first-aid material to meet all the paramedic needs of a large passenger airliner should it drop out of the sky and into your dining room, and because infection will set in if you go about cutting on yourself with an unclean blade (Really, Emily! Use your head) -- , so stock up. . . Like my mother is fond of saying, "A house without a working, annually inspected defibrillator, is just not a home. God speed, J.G., E.A.!

Emily said...

Ah haha! You guys are the best, I feel as though I can't quit blogging. I can't loose you! And where would I be without some good advice, a little light shed on my OCD tendencies (Steph I totally get fixated on the baseboards!), fantastic tips, and a laugh to help me shake these nerves.

knack said...

oh my word....you are hoot! I hope you all have a great time!