Step Right Up, Everyone's a Winner

On Labor Day I took little sister (BBBS) to the Delta Fair in Germantown. We had a good time, but lets be honest, when have you ever had a great time at the fair? I got sunburned, she broke her shoe, I spent waayy more money than I had anticipated (how do they get away with charging you so much for everything?), she had a minor bout of dehydration, and I got angry at a couple of teenage girls for their repeated use of the N word (Yes, seriously.)
Aside from those things, we did manage to slip in some fun. I even rode The Ring of Fire.

I love the rich, blue sky.

I have a hard time believing the exploitation of severe handicap under the guise of "Vaudvillian Freak Show" is legal (any comment from my lawyer reader(s)?).
I kept my dollar.

MTV House! Whoa, so when do you suppose the last time MTV used that logo was?

*tee hee*

How did your last visit to the fair go?


Soph! said...

HA! Creamalot. Classy! My sister went to the fair on Labor Day too. Maybe you guys crossed paths. :)

My last fair visit was to the Texas State Fair. And it was great, because all I did was eat. I stuffed myself with deep fried everything :)

(oh and by the way, pinkielarue.com is dead! Please update your reader to http://onepercentofone.wordpress.com/)

Rachel Swan said...

great post! i'm missing summer already. sigh. i think we are planning to hit up the utah state fair next week sometime and i'm pretty excited. i can't remember the last time i went, so i'm anxious to see what it's all about.

Emily said...

S: Deep fried oreos were available but I turned them down for a funnel cake, because I think its impossible to go to a fair and not eat funnel cake... It is a force much greater than myself!

R: Gosh, I seriously can't remember the last time I went to a fair or fiesta days or any of it. It had been a while... You have cute kiddos though and things like the petting zoo are an option. I just get weird looks when I start cooing at the baby goats.