The Young Machines

Put the needle to the record.

This yellow changes color in the light like no other paint I've seen.
Click Here to see what I'm talking about ... You see? It's crazy.
Sometimes I think of changing it. It can seem so harsh when the lighting is bad.

1969 Rock-Ola Jukebox

Darling has a little pet project of his own. He has asked me to do some "before" and "after" documentation. I'm really excited he's going to get this baby cleaned up and working. It's in very good shape but needs a bit of love, some fine tuning, a new needle, paint and robots (!!), you know - we'll see, etc. We've got loads of 45s, some great playlist material. You are all cordially invited to come to our party once the work is done! TBC...

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Camille said...

That is completely wild how much that paint changes! ha ha I looked at it next to each other for quite sometime because I am a dork like that. I am totally jealous of the Jukebox that is a totally cool/fun project!