15 takes

Bon Appetit Magazine has a genius list of 15 variations on the classic grilled cheese sandwich. 

 I began to salivate, somewhat shamelessly, when I saw this grilled ham and gouda with frisee and caramelized onions.

Who am I kidding? They all look amazing.

But I'm one of those people that simply cannot resist melted cheese... or cheese in general...

I love when a small twist turns something simple into something fancy! Which one would you try first?


BriannEm said...

Also... You should check out www.grilledcheeseacademy.com As a bonus, it's narrarated by Jenna Fischer (Pam from the Office.)
I'm dying to try some of these!

Soph! said...

mmmm. the first one-get in my belly, now!