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some weekend reading:

La Petite Zine - I came across this little gem, an online journal of what you call "flash fiction." I haven't done a lot of browsing in past issues, but I really enjoyed this piece by David Shumate:

                                                                   The Races of Man
We learned in elementary school that there were five races of man. 
White. Black. Red. Yellow. And, as I recall, brown. We drew pictures 
of them with their variously colored faces next to buildings we thought 
might be their homes. I gave them lawn mowers and automobiles and 
umbrellas. Though my teacher told me some only had huts where they 
burned the dried feces of goats and cows to stay warm. There were also 
those who carried their belongings around on camels and pitched tents in 
the sand which seemed like an exciting life to me. We learned how some 
of these people said Hello so if we came upon a caravan crossing the 
street, we could be polite. We were introduced to their gods. Some were 
angry all the time. Others had four arms and three heads and blue skin. 
The kind of deity I wanted watching over me. With each lesson our world 
became more complex. We were tested on Fridays. Once our teacher held 
up a can of chop suey and asked what color of people would be likely to 
eat it. I wrote down white people. Because my mother served it for dinner 
on Tuesdays. I later learned that the correct answer was actually Yellow.

so far I've found this recent issue of La Petite Zine to be filled with some off-kilter poetry, a mess of non-sequitors, and a laundry list of... lists. If anything, it makes for quick adventurous weekend reading. Enjoy! 

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