Happy Weekend + Everybody Dance Now

Some opening night inspiration, there are so many good elements happening here.

I  really love Justin Giles' choreography and classes. Pay attention to *this girl's articulation and attention to detail. Her timing/musicality + energy/quality is superb, no doubt, but I would like to point out that all of that goodness stems from her solid footing. Seriously, look at her balance! Not-a-one ankle wobble, not one single extra skitter step. It's amazing to realize how difficult this is to achieve, and what a difference it makes in the overall delivery. Those little extra between movements, the ones that just happen are so distracting and I think really distinguish between good and great dancers (not that I'm there, I just recognize it). It's her stability that gives her the confidence to really get lost in the movement. (I'm having trouble with balance this week. The inability to get lost in it because I'm worried about balance has been very frustrating, I'm blaming the crazy full-moon.) And also....when was the last time you thought a layout looked that cool??? j'taime. I love and hate that dance is a live art form. Sure, you can film it (and that could turn into a wildly successful TV show) but it never translates. Never.

*has she been a contestant on said successful TV show? I don't have television

Opening ReNEWal tonight. Please come if you're in the Memphis area!
Evergreen Theatre in Midtown Memphis
(Corner of Belvedere and Poplar)

(ballet style)

Happy Weekend



Camille said...

That was completely beautiful and inspiring. I loved it.

Ryan & Amanda said...

She is amazing, and thanks for mentioning the balance factor because that definitely does make a huge difference, but I wouldn't have recognized it!!

Logan said...

really amazing balance, incredible musicality, gorgeous and understated interpretation. I have nothing bad to say about her, but I have to say the whole "let's used flexed feet for 98% of contemporary choreography" is getting a little old to me. Flexed feet definitely have a place in contemporary, but Justin is taking it a little too far for me in this combo! :-/

Emily said...

Logan, I couldn't agree more. Great observation.