Happy Weekend/Week

More photos from this Nashville shoot at Everything Style

This weekend marks the beginning of my epic driving adventure across the incredibly long state of Tennessee. From Memphis to Nashville to Memphis to Knoxville and back home again. Mama comes in Tuesday, Sister on Wednesday, and the extended clan will be gathered by Friday. It's going to be a lot of driving, entertaining, running, cleaning, packing, rehearsing, working, playing, and eating. I am really excited to see some of Nashville this weekend, it seems to be one of the up and coming, hip artsy cultural centers (among the likes of Albuquerque and Austin), I'm under the impression there's lots and lots to see/do/enjoy there.

Do you guys have any suggestions of things to see/do in the area?

Happy Weekend/Week Friends!
I'm looking for some good xiu xiu, so send it my way!

I've got some fabulous guest posters lined up next week while I'm away so keep checking in.


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