reNEWal {plug}

Okay y'all, I can't believe it but the show is coming up so, so soon! (My schedule has only gotten crazier and crazier in preparation) So here's my first plug for

Project: Motion's: reNEWal 

As well as my first invitation to all of you in the Memphis area to come and check it out! Project: Motion (or, as I like to refer to it Sparkle Motion ;) tee hee) has been around for 24 years (!!) and to celebrate our longevity as a company and cultural tradition in Memphis we have put together a repertory show of notable past works. We have revived them, given them a new twist and new life! (Upcycling is the new black!) The show runs for 2 weekends (Oct 22-24, 28-31) at Evergreen Theater, the intersection of Belvedere and Poplar in Midtown Memphis. Be there squares! We're going to have a blast.

+ my momma sewed some beeaauutttiiffulll costumes for one of the pieces!

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