{Wishing All Of Us} Happy Weekend

Image via Welcome Ghosts

I'm really feeling it this week. 
The icing on the cake (proverbially speaking), was the part where my favorite sweater got a huge snag in the sleeve today. 
Who knows how it happened ...

It made my heart sad. 

I know it's just a sweater. but. but. but..... wwwwhhhhhyyyyy?

The show starts next weekend so it's all dance, all the time for the rest of October. But I'm trying to keep my cool and I'm looking forward to the Farmer's Market (I haven't been able to go the last few weeks, there are only three weeks left!) a couple of quiet moments + a weekend trip to Hotlanta once everything simmers down.
Take it easy friends. 
I'll be icing my shoulder injury (old) tonight and savoring my first/last night to bum around home for a few weeks. Here's hoping everyone's weekend is a little bit easier than this week!



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