Few things are as difficult to find as a good home fragrance. I usually find myself overwhelmed (and totally turned off) by the cloying scents of almost all home fragrance solutions. "Fresh Linen" sounds nice (theoretically, it's exactly what I'm looking for) but usually ends up burning my nostrils as if I had just snorted bath salts. Fabricated, synthetic baked goods or florals?


Enter stage right: Tru Melange. You can find their collection of 100% essential oil, beeswax/soy candles at Whole Foods or online here.  Yes, seriously, a grocery store candle. The scents are gentle and fresh and have a decent burn time (life). My favorite is Aphrodisia - lemon & ylang ylang. The scent is very subtle, clean and natural. Even Darling has commented on how much he likes it in the house. While purchasing a replacement last night I thought to myself, "it's too good not to share"

-- you're welcome. xoxo

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