Bohemia en Color

 I found this photo from 2008 somewhat unexpectedly.

We arrived in Prague very late at night. The streets become very narrow once you're in the city so it's hard to gain perspective about what exactly is surrounding you. All I could see was the whitish sides of buildings and slender cobblestone streets. (For some reason, in my memory, everything was glistening, as if a recent rain had passed through, although I remember no actual rain during my 5 days there.) I awoke the next morning and stumbled over to the nearest window to have a peak at what was to be in store for the day, I nearly lost my breath. I ran and tried to wake up Darling ("you haaaaaavvveee  to get up and come look out the window!") to have a look for himself but he was less enthused about my inability to sleep after the aforementioned late-night traveling. I dashed for the camera and awkwardly craned myself around the window's plexiglass coverings to try and snap up the morning sun, the red rooftops, the summer air, and my first impressions.  

I've been looking at color a lot recently. Trying to observe the things I like about color combinations, articulating, or even just noticing what it is I find striking about them. It's interesting to look at your own photos with new ideas and see more than you intended to capture (this coming from a non-photographer). There are so many nice warm, rusty, autumnal hues working together in this photo. Every time I see these shots my heart flutters a little bit. 

It's such a beautiful city, Bohemia, the Gothic architecture, the statuary, the public squares and winding streets, the quirky marionette shops, the best coffee you've ever had, the river and the Charles Bridge--the way it all has aged. Prague escaped the mass destruction of World War II and was left minimally damaged. It's a very old place. I love seeing the spires of the castle in the far background.

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